Ligament injuries caused by sudden twisting or rolling of the ankle joint, often resulting in pain, swelling, and instability.

Benifits of ankle sports injuries in Chennai

Inflammation of the peroneal tendons on the outer side of the ankle, typically from overuse or repetitive stress.

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Damage to the cartilage and underlying bone within the ankle joint, typically from a traumatic injury.

Clinical Evaluation: Thorough examination of the ankle joint, assessing range of motion, stability, and tenderness.

Arthroscopy (if necessary): In some cases, a minimally invasive procedure called arthroscopy may be performed to directly visualize and treat the injury.

Stimulating the body’s natural healing process by injecting a solution into affected ligaments or tendons.

Monitoring Progress: Regular follow-up appointments to track your recovery and make necessary adjustments to the rehabilitation plan.

Technique Refinement: Ensuring you use proper form and technique during sports or physical activities. Appropriate Footwear: Wearing shoes that provide proper support and are suitable for your chosen activity.

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