Cancer treatments can cause side effects like nerve damage, tissue inflammation, or bone pain.

Cancer pain

Cancers like multiple myeloma can affect the bone marrow, leading to bone pain and fractures.

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In cases where lung function is affected by cancer, pain may be accompanied by respiratory challenges.

The intensity of pain may vary, depending on factors like movement, rest, or specific activities.

Psychosocial support, including counseling, can help manage the emotional toll of cancer pain.

We offer the latest advancements in cancer pain management, including interventional procedures and innovative therapies.

Our team of experienced specialists focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer-related pain, ensuring accurate and effective care.

We understand the emotional toll of cancer pain and provide compassionate care, including counseling and support resources.

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Post-operative pain is common, especially after procedures to remove tumors or affected tissues.

Cancer pain is frequently associated with significant fatigue and can contribute to overall discomfort.

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