Age plays a significant role in sports, particularly in youth categories. Ensuring athletes compete in their appropriate age groups helps maintain a level playing field and safeguards

Process of Age Determination in Sports

We employ advanced radiological techniques to evaluate growth plates, skeletal development, and bone age. 

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We conduct thorough assessments of physiological markers such as growth hormone levels, dental development, and secondary sexual characteristics.

Utilizing state-of-the-art imaging technology, we conduct detailed analyses to assess bone density, epiphyseal closure, and overall skeletal maturity.

Our multidisciplinary approach, combining radiological assessments, biological markers, and orthopedic evaluations, ensures precise and reliable age determination.

Upholding fairness and ethical standards is paramount in sports. Accurate age determination prevents age-related discrepancies.

Our program considers a range of factors, providing a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s biological age.

Our comprehensive approach, combining advanced medical assessments and multidisciplinary evaluations, ensures fair play and upholds the integrity of sports competition. 

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