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Kinesis Pain Specialty Center in Kumbakonam

Kinesis Pain Specialty Center is a premier destination dedicated exclusively to pain and sports injury management, providing specialized care and rehabilitation services.

Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to cater to individuals seeking effective solutions for pain relief and sports-related injuries. With a team of experienced and skilled professionals, we employ cutting-edge techniques and personalized treatment plans to address a wide range of conditions. 

From chronic pain management to sports injury rehabilitation, Kinesis is committed to restoring mobility, enhancing performance, and improving overall well-being. Discover a holistic approach to pain care at Kinesis, where expertise meets innovation for lasting results in a welcoming and patient-centric environment

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Pain conditions we treat…

Knee pain can arise from a variety of underlying causes, ranging from acute injuries to chronic conditions.

Low back ache treatment in Chennai can arise from a variety of underlying factors, each demanding…

Recognizing the symptoms associated with shoulder pain is crucial for early intervention and tailored…

Neck pain can stem from various underlying conditions, each demanding a tailored approach to treatment.

We prioritize your well-being and are dedicated to providing personalized care for individuals…

Hip pain can be a challenging experience, affecting your mobility and overall quality of life.

Elbow pain can be attributed to various underlying conditions, each necessitating a personalized…

Wrist pain can stem from various underlying conditions, each demanding a tailored approach to treatment.

Headaches can result from various underlying conditions, each necessitating a tailored approach…

Cancer pain arises from various factors related to the disease itself or its treatment.

Facial pain can stem from various underlying conditions, each necessitating a tailored approach to facial pain…

Myofascial pain syndrome is characterized by trigger points in muscle fibers, resulting in localized…

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FDA Approved

Meet our Experts

Dr.(Maj).P.Pradeep (Ex-Army)
Sports Medicine specialist Interventional Pain and Regenerative Physician
Dr. K. Priyadharshini | Kinesis pain free
Interventional Pain &
Palliative Physician

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized care and support to help you manage your pain effectively.

Our Chennai branch operates from Monday to Saturday, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Sunday appointments are available on request. Our Kumbakonam branch operates during the same hours.
To schedule an appointment, please call us at +91 78969 74306 or email us at kinesispainfree@gmail.com. You can also fill out the form to book an appointment online.
We specialize in treating various types of pain, including knee pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, foot and ankle pain, hip pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, headache, cancer pain, facial pain, myofascial pain, and fibromyalgia pain.
We provide treatment for a wide range of sports injuries, including knee injuries, ankle injuries, hip injuries, spine injuries, shoulder injuries, elbow injuries, and wrist injuries.

Our team of experienced doctors includes

Dr. (Maj) P. Pradeep (Ex-Army)
- MBBS, MD (Sports Medicine), Fellowship in Interventional Pain Medicine (Germany)
- With over 12 years of experience, Dr. Pradeep brings expertise in sports medicine and interventional pain management.

Dr. K. Priyadharshini
- With 6 years of experience, Dr. Priyadharshini specializes in pain management and offers personalized care to patients.

We encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors to discuss your concerns and treatment options. During the consultation, you can learn more about our doctors' approach to care and determine if they are the right fit for you.

Patient Testimonials

Went for chronic back pain. Was suffering from back pain for more than 2 years. Doc advised for physical therapy for 5 days without any meds. At the end of 5 days years of back pain completely vanished.



It is best pain relieving centre for all kinds of pain. I went for ankle pain I got very good relief from my pain. They are giving advanced therapy. Treating the patients very caring. Best centre for relieving the pain.

Pooja Pavithra


Emerging trend of Medicine..without medicine & Surgery, Pain management techniques, Excellent response & Skilled professionals of KINESIS

Kalidoss Debu


The best clinic I ever seen. Very friendly atmosphere 😍Thanks to best doctors 😇 in clinic. Thanks for the treatment. I m strong and healthy now

Vasanty Marshal groney


Very good pain speciality centre. The advanced therapy for all kinds of joint pain. They are providing such a good therapy. Kindly visit for a long term pain

Danesh pavithra


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