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Dr.Priyadharshini K

Dr. K. Priyadharshini is a renowned anesthesiologist and interventional pain specialist in Chennai and has done her fellowship in pain management and regenerative medicine.

About Doctor

Dr.Priyadharshini K is a renowned anesthesiologist and interventional pain specialist based in Chennai. With a distinguished educational background including an MD in Anaesthesiology and a Fellowship in Interventional Pain Medicine, she has honed her expertise in the management of chronic pain over the span of several decades.

Dr.Priyadharshini K is recognized for her pioneering efforts in the field, particularly in the development and application of holistic treatment techniques. Her proficiency extends to regenerative medicine and non-surgical interventions for various chronic pain conditions. Notably, she specializes in addressing complex cases of chronic pain as well as providing adept management of cancer-related pain.

Dr.Priyadharshini K commitment to advancing patient care is evident through her continuous dedication to staying updated with the latest advancements in pain management. Her wealth of experience and expertise make her a trusted authority in the field, sought after by patients seeking comprehensive and effective pain relief solutions.

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